Meet the SJO Team!

At SJO Electric our team is happy and welcoming while striving to be helpful and honest. With our clients’ safety in mind, we conduct a background check and drug test on each of our employees. We are fully licensed and insured because we understand how important your home or business is.  We want you to feel safe and secure, knowing that when you hire us you will be treated with respect while your electrical needs are met with professionalism and skillful workmanship …


Ed Jueschke – Owner/Master Electrician

Ed has more than 20 years of field experience under his belt. He started SJO to provide a company with integrity and honesty to the community. Some of his favorite hobbies include fishing, cooking, riding his Harley, and spending time with friends and family. He is also dedicated to his community and volunteers time and resources to the Morgan Adam’s Foundation and other charitable organizations. Ed is registered with DORA (Department of regulatory Agencies) as a master electrician and is committed to the continuing education that is required to maintain his licensure.


Candi Buckley - Admin Assistant

Candi Buckley – Admin Assistant

Candi joined SJO in 2013. At the time of joining our team Candi did not have any office experience. Since that time she has put every effort into learning the routines of an office and is an invaluable member of our team. Candi’s passion is anything to do with cars; driving them, dreaming about them, fixing them.When not in the office Candi spends most of her time being a great mom and spending large amounts of time with her daughter.


Miki Culbertson - Warehouse Mgr

Miki Culbertson – Warehouse Mgr

Miki joined SJO in 2015 as our purchaser, warehouse and inventory manager.  She has the knowledge and experience we needed in order to continue growing and moving forward. With more than 20 years in parts and warehouse management she will help us gain the next level in our business. Michelle moved to Colorado from Texas with her husband Jim and their two children in order to be closer to family. Outside of her work day Michelle enjoys spending time with her close-knit family and watching sports; Football, UFC fights, Hockey, pretty much anything else sports related, she enjoys it passionately and loudly. However, her all time favorite thing is to be with Sammie, her beloved, spoiled Olde English Bulldog.


Todd Hamilton - Field Super

Todd Hamilton – Field Super

Todd joined SJO in 2013 as a field service electrician. With 20 years in the electrical field Todd’s expertise lies in the arena of commercial new builds, tenant finishes, and commercial service work. When not working hard for the company Todd enjoys spending time with his family, staying physically fit and practicing martial arts.


Adam Burgess - Electrician

Adam Burgess – Electrician

Adam joined SJO in 2014 as a field service electrician. Before joining SJO Adam spent 6 years as an apartment complex maintenance professional. He is a valued addition to our team and his maintenance experience makes him a fantastic trouble shooter. When not out taking care of our customers Adam enjoys hobbies such as video games, camping and staying physically fit. All his other spare time is filled by hanging out with friends and spending time with his daughter and wife.


Joe Fernandez - Electrician

Joe Fernandez – Electrician

Joe joined SJO in 2014 as a field service apprentice electrician. With 5+ years experience in the field of electricity Joe is on the verge of becoming our next journeyman in the field. His expertise lies in commercial new builds, tenant finishes and commercial service but he is working hard now to increase his exposure to residential work and with it his value to his team and the company. When not at work Joe enjoys spending time with friends and playing WOW (World of Warcraft for those of you who don’t play video games) and D&D (Dungeons and Dragons for those who don’t play).


John Lopez - Electrician

John Lopez – Electrician

John joined the SJO team in December of 2015 as a field service electrician. He is relatively new to the industry but brings to the table years of management experience. He had many chances to work in the field with Ed and learn the basics before officially becoming an electrician. When not working with electricity John enjoys IT work like repairing computers, playing video games and geo-cacheing with his wife, playing with the dogs and snuggling his cat.

Jaime Nava - Electrician

Jaime Nava – Electrician

Jaime joined SJO in January of 2016 as a part time field service electrician. He is currently attending university to earn a degree in Electrical Engineering. As a fully licensed journeyman electrician he brings to SJO Electric his knowledge of code and experience in electrical installations.

Clint Flickinger - Electrician

Clint Flickinger – Electrician

Clint joined SJO in August of 2015 as a field service electrician. With 7 years experience in the field Clint has much to offer SJO including a large cache of commercial electrical knowledge. When not working Clint loves to spend time with his wife and three wonderful children, having quality family time that includes copious amounts of board games, good food and outdoor time including long walks on the beach.

Walter Trujillo

Walter Trujillo

Walter joined SJO Electric in April 2016 as a field service electrician. He brings to SJO a great knowledge base in both residential and commercial applications.

Alex Young - Electrician

Alex Young – Electrician

Alex joined SJO Electric in June of 2015 as a field service electrician. He came to work with us to increase his knowledge in the field of electricity while he attends university to achieve a degree in Electrical Engineering. Alex brings to us a vast experience in lighting and lighting installation learned over the years of his life working with his father who is in the industry as a lighting supplier. When not working Alex enjoys spending time with his family, doing extreme amounts of yard work and participating in Civil War Re-enactments.